VisitBerlin Roadshow 2013

The end of 2013 is approaching  and i want to share a project i did with Markenreise and VisitBerlin last October. They invite four artists from Berlin (Paul Petzel, Saphira Kunst, Paula Liz & me) to be part of a Roadshow around 4 german cities introducing Berlin as a location for events. Our job was to visualize over a big framed picture of different berlin locations the advantages of do events in Berlin. We had 2 sessions of 15 minutes of live drawing in front of 10 -20 guests in each location. It was a fun job, first for the travel itself and second for the nice people i met on this “art” trip. Here some pictures at the different locations we visited. Thanks to Mike Auerbach, the official photographer for sending me the pictures and to the Markenreise and VisitBerlin team!


f1 f2 f3


m1 m2 m3 M5 m6 Muenchen_16102013_S1-00148 Muenchen_16102013_S2-00042 Muenchen_16102013_S2-00134


Düsseldorf_23102013-00218 Düsseldorf_23102013-00223 Düsseldorf_23102013-00246 Düsseldorf_23102013-00260 Düsseldorf_23102013-00325


Köln_24102013-00138 Köln_24102013-00176 Köln_24102013-00195 Köln_24102013-00280 Köln_24102013-00282 Köln_24102013-00284 Köln_24102013-00286

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