The traveller and the artists

The Traveller
My name is Pablo ientile and i was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My family and i moved to Germany in 1998 where i did my studies as a graphic Designer and illustrator. In 2006 i moved to Madrid where i worked for different audiovisual production companies doing motion graphics. I´ve made one exposition in Madrid last year  and you can see press releases of my work on my web. I have also a collaboration project with other illustrators called “pabloientile meets…” Actually i´m living in Madrid & Berlin.

…And the illustrators
One of the most important parts of this project are the artists who will participate and illustrate the parts of the journey that happen in the cities where they live and work. During my visit to the different cities i will also visit design and illustration schools to show my work and talk about my journey.

check the artists participating in Illustration around the world here