The idea

Sitting in front of a blank piece of paper with no ideas and a lack of inspiration, I think to myself: How many illustrators are out there in the same situation as me? Not only in Madrid or Berlin but also in L.A. or Kuala Lumpur. I try to draw but I cant…my mind starts to wonder! And if instead of drawing on my own in my house, I could go and draw with all those other illustrators out there. Visit them, see where they work and create something with them. Their support and ideas could bring something new to the drawings I have done up until now.

The project
The main story of the comic would the experiences of the traveler and would be told in the first person, by the main character, and the other parts that involve each illustrator that I visit will be drawn and described by them. The interesting bit will be that parts of the story (or comic) which will be illustrated by the illustrators themselves. These illustrators will be in charge of illustrating the parts of the journey which occur in the cities in which they live and work and these sequences will be in the individual drawing style of each different illustrator.

The result would be a diary of the journey through different cities around the world, and though the eyes of different illustrators. A story that evolves as the journey develops. Definitively, a story with a beginning and no end, like a Comic around the world.