thanks ausa

ok, the story starts near Pai, ive rented a motorbike in Chiangmai, and i felt down on my way to a waterfall. I though this is the end, they will charge me a lot of money for repair. So on the next day i took the way back to chiangmai and before going to the rent shop i asked in a garage if they know where i could ask how much the repair costs could be. They didnt speak english, but then Ausa appears! and she took me to a repair shop and they told me it would be around 3000bath, so she came with me to the rent shop and explained them my situation. At the end i paid the price and it was ok compared to the damage ive caused to the bike! Thanks Ausa for helping me, i invited her to a tea and she made a drawing of myself. I think Buddha is on my side :)

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