Taroko nationalpark

I have a plan, i discover right now it´s a good way to post all the places i visited in Asia while i work on them for the book, means, right now i´m working on the Taiwan chapter, so i can post drawings and photos from my visit there. When i was traveling it was difficult to post all the places i visited so this can be a new way. Today i will show you some pictures of my one day to Taroko NationalPark in Taiwan. The national park is at Hualien province and near Hualien city. I arrived to Hualien with the train coming from Kaoshiung. I was only 14 days in Taiwan so i was spending mostly one to two days in every city, and i did a one day trip to Taroko. I rented a scooter in Hualien and woke up early and ride to the park (the ride was around 30 min). The good thing with the scooter you can visit every corner and take your time to do what you want. I met a french guy at the hostel and we visited the park together. The trip started like this:


and at Taroko nationalpark it looks like this





the park is full of temples and you can also take a bath at some hot springs

IMG_7058_out IMG_7128_out


Because i was traveling alone it was not easy to have photos of myself but here is one!


and here is the drawing i´m doing for the book


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