Spaetkauf Kunst Aktion

Berlin, yes always Berlin. I live there since 3 years and i´m always amazed how many things are always happening in this city. I met the guys of Spätkauf KunstAktion last April at the comic Invasion and they asked me to participate in the venue for this year. The idea is to bring art to places that people visit everyday, in this case the “Spätis”  (convenient stores) from Kreuzberg & NeuKölln. In my case the one at Pflügerstrasse 68. The task is to paint over the outside window …


and I had also a small room available to make an exhibition or wall painting so i prepared some drawings for that…


The theme was open so i had the idea to paint common people on their every day place. For the exhibition i painted faces of clients of the store (from my imagination),



For the outside window i painted the people that came at the moment in the store, i asked their name and made a portrait of them (some are not real because i need to filled it)


It took me around 3 hours to finish it but it was a lot of fun meeting nice people from the neighbourhood and some of my friends. The exhibition and the window art will stay for the rest of August so if you want to see it you can do so.


And here more pictures

IMG_627sa2 IMG_6328 IMG_6339 IMG_6371 IMG_6373 IMG_6386

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