Photos Japan – Tokyo

Hello my friends, actually this blog/web is about traveling drawings but i always carry a camera with me. I will post photos from the different cities/countries i visited in the last 6 months. Today is Tokyo, the capital of Japan. I cant described how much was the happiness to be there for the first time in my life. So Great!! tokyo is a must for every drawing traveler (and any other traveler type :) ), so if you never been there, what are you waiting for….!

Shinjuku & Shibuya

more photos here…

Nokies live

Ueno & Asakusa

food & fun

meeting Devilrobots

meeting Kin

meeting Natsu, Kin, Ken, Tsuda & Josephine


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  1. juana crescimanna says:

    Hola , viendo esas fotos me hacen sentir la sensacion de imaginarme a mi caminando por ahi y sombrandome de todo como supongo que te ha pasado a vos

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