Painting at ZooLoco in Barcelona

Hello everybody! it´s been long time since my last post, I´m sorry for that! But I´m back in town and posting again for 2015. The first post of 2015 is about an amazing project I was part of in Barcelona. One of my artist friend from Berlin Matt Jones (aka Lunartik) asked me to organize with him a painting session at a guesthouse in Barcelona called ZooLoco. The owner, Steve asked us if we like paint some of its rooms and also invite some artists friends living in Barcelona… and we did it! We invited Niels de Jong, Amaia Arrazola, Reskate Arts & Crafts & Bandid8.

My room

myroom0 myroom myroom2 myroom4 mia2

Matt Jone´s Room

lunartik lunartik2

Amaia Arrazola´s room

amaia amaia2

Reskate´s room


Niels de Jong´s room


Bandid8´s room


It was soooooo cool! I hope we can repeat it soon!
And thanks to Steve for the cool time at ZooLoco.


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