Pablo Bear goes to Asia

Hello my readers,

First of all I want to thank you again for following my adventures around the world. Without you this blog would be not the same as it is and you are the motivation i have for keep traveling and drawing. This time I have a big announcement to make, I´m starting the crowdfunding campaing for the book about my travels in Asia! This book is the result of the first travel I did in Asia that was the starting point for this blog. the link for the campaign the campaign on indiegogo.


If you remember I was traveling 6 months in Asia meeting local artist and drawing my adventures along the way and after coming back I started to put my ideas together and after 2 years in the making I finished a comic book, my first comic book!



And now I´m asking your help to get the costs for the Book printing! It will be the first edition and you can support it by donating and pre-ordering or simply by sharing it with your friends and family. You can visit the campaign on indiegogo.


Thank you very much and I wish you #happytravels !

Please use #happytravels and #pablobear to share it on twitter, Facebook and co. !

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