mural for yorokobu in Madrid

i was asked by yorokobu Magazine to paint a mural for their stand at Mulafest in Madrid …. and i did it! hope you like it

Day 1: black lines and a lot to finish!


IMG_1025 copy IMG_1015

Day 2: continue with the black lines and some pictures with nice guest at the stand

day23 day22 day21

Day 3: starting with colors! and the best was when some kids asked me to join and they did almost the complete colouring, amazing!

day35 day32 day31 day33 day34

Day 4: finishing some details and some funny photos

day47 day46 day45 day44 day43 day42 day41

thanks to Yorokobu for inviting me and to all the guests that came and helped me finishing the mural


(click on the images to enlarge)

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