meeting Olla Boku in Tainan, Taiwan

i think i’ve found Olla Boku’s work on facebook, i don’t remember, but i loved it for the first time i saw it! I contacted her and she said yes,,,but she said also she is shy! at the end we met in Tainan and we had a great day together eating awesome food and talking about many things, Thanks Olla it was really nice to meet you. Dont forget to see her work on her blog, its awesome! and Flickr

here is our illustrated meeting:

and her version of the traveller:


Where are you from and where do you live right now (city)?
Im from Taiwan and live in Tainan.

How does the city you live in influence your work?
My city influence me much,I live art atmosphere city,here have strong historical culture and alots temples with gorgeous painting. Spontaneously I fall in love drawing.

Would you consider your work as part of an asian style?
Im not sure that my work like asian style. How you think ?!:)

Any Asian favourite artists?
Aida Makoto,Junko Mizuno,Mizuki Shigeru and Umezu Kazuo,Bubi AuYeung….many artists I loved.

Are you familiar with european/american illustration? if so, can you tell me some artists that you like?
I love Nathan Jurevicius,Amanda Visell,Mcbess,..and my artists friends like Paul Shih,Csaba Gal,Ekiem,Yupy Land,Bubblefriends,Michiel Baumgarten,SAT….lots and you Pablo:)

What do you think about travelling?
Traveling is definitely necessary.Open your mind and get new inspirations.

if you were an animal, which one would you like to be? and why?
I want be Meerkat. Meerkat looks cute and weird but they are strong can kill snake.I want be kinda animal!!small but powerful!

Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris?
What question..I have no choice so Bruce Lee haha.

And here some of her illustrations:

and the link to her blog post about my visit

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