meeting nini sum from idle beats

mike from evasee contacted me with nini, an screen printing activist from Shanghai, i asked her if i could come and she said yes! so here is our meeting and her version of the traveller. see her work on nini sum and her studio idle beats




Where are you from and where do you live right now (city)?
I’m from Nanjing, China. Now i run a screen printing studio called IdleBeats( my partner Gregor Koerting in Shanghai, i also make art like oil paintings drawings and sculptures(

How does the city you live in influence your work?
I live downtown Shanghai, in the French concession area, a 10 minute walk from the studio. It’s like a world village or small-scale New York City, easy access to tacos and 5rmb fried rice, nice coffee and fresh fruit, night clubs and trees, tall office buildings filled with money smell and old flats with silver-hair nannies. It’s nice to just bike or flip flop around at a chill summer morning and run into some friends who are trying to find their way home.

Would you consider your work as part of an asian style?
Maybe? don’t really know how to define styles or put appropriate tags on.

Any Asian favourite artists?
can’t think of any at this moment…

Are you familiar with european/american illustration? if so, can you tell me some artists that you like?
i recently came across aleksandra waliszewska, really awesome stuff.

What do you think about travelling?
necessary. it pulls you out of routine and make you think about where you are from.

if you were an animal, which one would you like to be? and why?
an owl or a crow. when i was little i came across an owl sat on top of tree, we stared at each other for several minutes, after that i can never forget the eyes anymore.

Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris?

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