meeting filter017 in Taichung

i knew filter017 before starting this project and i love their work. When i arrived at the low pose conference they were there too giving a speech so i approached them and asked if it is possible to meet them in taichung, they say yes, and i was there! here is our meeting and above you can read the interview! iy was really nice to meet you guys! keep doing this great work,

and the great version of the traveller

read the interview here!


Where are you from and where do you live right now (city)?

We are from to Taipei City and now living in Taichung City. : )

How does the city you live in influence your work?

In Taichung, the place is relax more than Taipei, and weather is better. Warm and has more sunshine. But important is rent is cheaper. So we open our  first shop here because of this.

Would you consider your work as part of an asian style?

Yes, in fact, we often use the idea of Asian style and mix it with American retro style.

Any Asian favourite artists?

Wow~ So many! :) We love The Wonderful Designworks from Japan, :Phunk Studio in Singapore, Michale Lau in HongKong …and so on.

Are you familiar with european/american illustration? if so, can you tell me some artists that you like?

Yes, many artist we love!! Flying fortress, Micheal Fuchs, Jamie Jarvis, 123Klan, Jeremy Fish, Kaws so on, also have you Pablo Ientile. :)

What do you think about travelling?

Find interesting things. Relax body and soul. Happy life. Make different kind of friends in other countries.

If you were an animal, which one would you like to be? and why?

Oh~ this question we has ever think about. Haha! We like to be a home cat. They are happy and relax all day. You know, they want to sleep, just go sleep. Want to eat, someone will feed them to eat. don’t hard work, don’t worry about life, like living in paradise. We envy them…

And here some of their work



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