Madrid y Barcelona

This will be a long post but i hope you like it! it is about last week, i spent some days between Madrid & Barcelona.


Madrid is like my second home so i met some friends there and decided to make more drawings around the city. I discovered a terrase/bar at Corte ingles near callao station and you can see Madrid skylines and roofs from there.


later i did one more drawing at Plaza Mayor trying with watercolors


The next day i was taking my breaksfast at one my favourite bars in Malasaña called palentino (calle pez 12)


and 2 days later i posted on Facebook that i will be at the same bar giving drawings to people who ask me for it! and here some of the drawings i did



i was in Barcelona many times but always for going to festivals or concerts, so i never had the real chance to walk around the city. I had only three days to do it but i decided to walk around and do some sightseeing (coffee breaks included). I was walking around the old part and visited the Casa Batló (Passeig de Gràcia, 43) designed by Gaudí, the most famous architect from Barcelona.


But i wanted to draw something really iconic, so i took the metro line 5 and stopped at Sagrada Familia, one of the most unconventional Cathedral in the world. I though i could never get the feeling of being there on my sketchbook but i tried my best! and the most funny part is the tourists taking pictures of it with all kind of devices


Later i stopped at El Raval and found this beautiful square (15 Carrer Ramelleres)  and made my dreamed coffee break, drawing included


And the best part was the last day (friday 10th of May)! i contacted Andres Colmenares ( to ask him for a place to do a presentation/exhibition of my project and he sent me the link from Betahaus (Vilafranca 7) a new coworking and exhibition space in Barcelona. I contacted them and they offer me to exhibit my drawings together with a project from students from Elisava university. It was a great mix and i was happy to meet many new people.


The students built the stairs and put may drawings on the wall.



Later they introduce to the visitors their project with a video and i talked about my illustration around the world project in Asia.




Muchas gracias Barcelona! it was nice to meet you

thanks to Pablo Albacete for be my host in Madrid and Marina and Marc my host in Barcelona (all my love!)

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