cintiq companion road show

As you already know I love to draw on paper, but I also love to draw on any type of device that can allow me to draw with precision. I use Wacom products since forever and I own a Cintiq 22 HD and an Intous 2 (yes an old one but it still works!) and when the Cintiq Companion came out I was very interested to test one to see how it feels but they sell them only on their online shop! But I was happy yo hear they were coming to Berlin to give users the chance to try it and I was of course there to check them out.


The venue was really nice and without any restriction I was able to try the new cintiq Companion and it is awesome! It feels like drawing on paper and Because i´m a cintiq user I feel it very comfortable for drawing. The size is also ok, I don´t know if I will take it with me to draw at the park or for long trips but for working on different offices it can be a winner. Here is the drawing I did while I was there,



The performance is really good and I think you can use all Adobe products without any problem, even I found it weird some of Adobe´s software are not so compatible with touch. The nice info guys explained me that you can add features with the touch strip so I was able to zoom in and out with a programmable button.


This was my short review of my short experience with a cintiq Companion and I wish one day I will be able to buy one. Here some more photos of the event

DSC03791 DSC03800 DSC03808

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