2012 was great!

because of YOU! thanks for follow this project and hope to meet you around the world in 2013, Best wishes, Pablo Bear

Keep moving

This year the New year card is made by you! download this picture drawn by me and colour it yourself! use your pens, ipad, photoshop, whatever, send it to me via mail to pabloientile at and the best of them will be posted on this facebookpage…AND THE VERY BEST WILL BE THE FACEBOOK PROFILE […]

volcan villarica

On my way to Santiago i made some stops in the south of Chile but was difficult to connect to internet so i will post some of my drawings in the next days. I spent 2 days in Pucón, one of the most touristic towns in Chile but now is a good time to visit […]

El calafate

My trip to the south of Argentina starts with a stop at El Calafate at Santa Cruz province! Tomorrow i will go to see Glaciar Perito Moreno. This place is amazing!

hola buenos aires

I´m arrived in Buenos Aires! and this is the view out of my brother´s window! more drawings soon… Ya estoy en Buenos Aires! esta es la vista desde el balcón del apartamento de mi hermano….más dibujos pronto!!

pictoplasma 2012 – festival

And for sure i was visiting the Pictoplasma conference too and met lot of fantastic artists! here some drawings i did of it: and was meeting this people and they drew on my book too:

special day in Bali

Bali is a special place, and in this kind of special places special things happen! It was monday and i was planless, so i took the motorbike and decide to go to Ubud, 2 hours away from Kuta (the place i was staying that day). I saw on the way to Ubud i could visit […]

The bear is in Berlin

hello everybody! im back to Berlin! here is cold but the sky is blue. I will post this weeks all the thanks and pictures and drawings, and everything about my experience in Asia, so keep tuned, big news are coming…

pranbanan temple

impressive! Pranbanan temple in Yogjakarta, sooo amazing, and it starts to rain again the bear was also there and they like the bear toooooooo!

The bear in borobudur

Ohhhh so impressive! So great, the bear was today at borobudur temple in indonesia