The book around the world

I´m still getting a lot of pictures of the book from around the world,,, thanks you and keep sending me pictures Tokyo, Japan Amsterdam, Holland Buenos Aires, Argentina Taiwan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Bangkok, Thailand Hong Kong

travel diary

When i travel i like to make drawings and comments on my small sketchbook, here you can see some drawings from my trip to Japan in 2011. Maybe you can discover some funny stories inside!

2012 was great!

because of YOU! thanks for follow this project and hope to meet you around the world in 2013, Best wishes, Pablo Bear

enjoying the sun in Tokyo

hello again, im trying different things in these days to put on the “illustration around the world” book. In this case, the bear is drawn on a picture i took in Tokyo

Photos Japan – Tokyo

Hello my friends, actually this blog/web is about traveling drawings but i always carry a camera with me. I will post photos from the different cities/countries i visited in the last 6 months. Today is Tokyo, the capital of Japan. I cant described how much was the happiness to be there for the first time […]

meeting devil robots in Tokyo

Hello monday! im starting to scan all the drawings and i made a new drawing this weekend, a special one. It shows how i met Devil robots. It was in Kuala Lumpur and from that moment we became good friends. After meeting them in Tokyo, we kept contact and they introduced me alo to other […]

painting action with students in Tokyo

Natsu invites Ken and myself to talk with her about our work at the Nihon kougakuin college, and we did it! after that the student start to paint a version of the traveller! so much fun! thanks Natsu, i will never forget this day! more pictures here

meeting JM Ken Niimura

i had the pleasure to meet Ken in Madrid before i start this project, so we said, lets meet in Tokyo again! and we did it, more then once, but last saturday we were more concenctrated and he painted on my travelbook his version of Pablo, the traveller, based on my stories in Japan, i […]

meeting artists in tokyo

oh, i am so happy and glad about our meeting last friday at devilrobot´s office. They invite a lots of friends and they painted all on my travelbook, here the drawings and some photos. Thanks to shin and Koto, for inviting everyone, it was FUN! and here the drawings

shibuya, Tokyo

live painting from the starbucks from Shibuya, Tokyo