happy bear in chiangmai

So nice weather and blue sky in chiangmai,thailand

grand palace in Bangkok

Visiting the grand palace in bangkok so shiny and golden,

everything is full

Such a bad idea to look for acomodation at the full moon party time in Koh Phangan, thailand

pablo bear is a monk

funny story in Ayuthaya, i was lost with my bike and asked some monks about my route and became godd friends, they gave me water and milk, so nice and friendly and we talked about Messi and woman. AMAZING!

Buddha loves pablo bear

Made in a beautiful temple in ayuthaya, thailand

starting my 3th travelbook

hello my friends and followers! im starting my 3th travelbook on this project illustration around the world, i want to use this moment to say thank you to Hahnemühle in Germany for supporting me with these books, they are really good quality, you can also use watercolor on it.

sunset in Ban hin Kong, Koh phangan

sitting in a bar at the Hin Kong Beach in Koh Phangan, Thailand. so Beautiful!

Wat Pho temple, Bangkok

there i was drawing this complicated pagodas! and then i met some students and took a photo of them with my book!

my studio in Haad tien

In Koh Phangan, Thailand, there is a place you can only arrive with boat. This place is full of people looking for peace and relax. I had my studio there.

on the way to Koh Phangan

it was a long  journey, flying from Manila to Bangkok sleeping in the airport, then flying to Surat thani and there the bus to Donsak Pier, plus 2 hours waiting for the Ferry, so i had time to draw my waiting place at Donsak Pier. here we go, later more drawings from Koh Phang,