The book around the world

I´m still getting a lot of pictures of the book from around the world,,, thanks you and keep sending me pictures Tokyo, Japan Amsterdam, Holland Buenos Aires, Argentina Taiwan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Bangkok, Thailand Hong Kong

Taroko nationalpark

I have a plan, i discover right now it´s a good way to post all the places i visited in Asia while i work on them for the book, means, right now i´m working on the Taiwan chapter, so i can post drawings and photos from my visit there. When i was traveling it was […]

sun moon lake

I want to post today a new drawing i´m working on for the “this year coming out” book about my days in Asia. The nice thing about working on a book/diary is that i can transport my mind to that time while im drawing for it. For example this drawing is about my one day […]

Filter 017 on my opening tonight!

the guys of Filter 017 from Taiwan sent me this wonderful t-shirt and cap and i will wear it tonight at the opening in Berlin! thank you Wen, Enzo and Hannes! i´m a happier bear now!

virtual meeting with miguel olivares

before starting this project i posted illustration around the world in a crowdfunding platform called Verkami and i got it. And one of the rewards was a virtual meeting with the fundor in a country in Asia. I this case the meeting is with Miguel Olivares, director of La despensa in Madrid. The meeting is in Taiwan […]

meeting Olla Boku in Tainan, Taiwan

i think i’ve found Olla Boku’s work on facebook, i don’t remember, but i loved it for the first time i saw it! I contacted her and she said yes,,,but she said also she is shy! at the end we met in Tainan and we had a great day together eating awesome food and talking […]

mural at across the ocean hostel in taipei

the nice girls of across the ocean hostel asked me to make a drawing on their hostel wall, and i did it! here it is! thanks sonia, nork and all the other for asking me! it was fun

meeting filter017 in Taichung

i knew filter017 before starting this project and i love their work. When i arrived at the low pose conference they were there too giving a speech so i approached them and asked if it is possible to meet them in taichung, they say yes, and i was there! here is our meeting and above […]

meeting angela rosso in taipei

during the low pose conference i had the pleasure to meet angela rosso, she invited to come to her studio and she drew in my book! she is artist and illustrator, she launched also a brand called two bunnies. here some of her paintings, drawings and digital works and the interview,

my days in Taiwan

a sketch about my days in Taiwan! i will come back, for sure! thanks to all the people i met on the way