Photos Japan – Tokyo

Hello my friends, actually this blog/web is about traveling drawings but i always carry a camera with me. I will post photos from the different cities/countries i visited in the last 6 months. Today is Tokyo, the capital of Japan. I cant described how much was the happiness to be there for the first time […]

friends wall

hey, i took some pictures from the wall of some of the artists im meeting, and they have a Pablo Bear on it, if you have one please send it to me! i will add it next time Kenny Wong Graphic airlines Yoko Ng Ka yan

welcome to penang

ok, bye bye Hong Kong, hello malaysia! now arrived at Batu feringgi, Penang

painting shoes and leaving hong kong

it was 10 days in Hong kong, actually too long for a normal traveller, but i really loved here, so i stayed longer and could stay much longer! Thanks to all the wonderful people i met here, including Graphic airlines, Yoko and Kenny Wong and all the others tooo, i have to come back very […]

bruce lee

Remembering all my favourites kungfu movies from my childhood in hong kong ! Bruce lee the best!

bye bye philippines

i hope to see you again, beautiful country!

udo island

pablo at udo island white sand beach

japan photos 01

today is photo’s day! here some of my japan travel till now! hello from hiroshima Naoshima