I was visiting Leipzig last weekend, 2 days to see the city and aldo visit the book fair (Leipzig Buchmesse) and see if i could find some publishers interested on my book about my travel to Asia. It was good i made some new contacts and i can´t give you really good news but at […]

Taroko nationalpark

I have a plan, i discover right now it´s a good way to post all the places i visited in Asia while i work on them for the book, means, right now i´m working on the Taiwan chapter, so i can post drawings and photos from my visit there. When i was traveling it was […]

sun moon lake

I want to post today a new drawing i´m working on for the “this year coming out” book about my days in Asia. The nice thing about working on a book/diary is that i can transport my mind to that time while im drawing for it. For example this drawing is about my one day […]

Perito Moreno

Hello readers, i´m back to the blog! i´m not travelling right now and been busy making the book about my trip to Asia. But in between i was visiting my beloved country Argentina! I visited for 4 days also one of the most spectacular sightseeing in the world, El Glaciar Perito Moreno. You can reach […]


On a one day trip from Santiago we visited one of the most beautiful cities from south america, Valparaíso in Chile. It´s a city / port at the paicific Ocean and is built on the hills at the cordillera de la costa. On the of the most beautiful part is the colorful buildings and the […]

Photos of Naoshima

When i was travelling in Japan i took advantage of my Japan rail pass, so i could visit many places in the country. I spend a day at the Naoshima island, a beautiful places with two amazing art galleries. These Buildings are from the Benesse Corporation and designed by well known Japanese architect Ando Tadao. here some […]

Alles wird gut

hello! t-shirts have a comeback right now and you can buy new models at my Qstoms store like this one “Alles wird gut”. Caro likes it … and you?

Monsta takes a bath

for districting myself for the important things of my work, i find always a new way to loose my time with stupid things. This new distraction is to put Monsters on my old analogue photos. Here my english friend Monsta is taking a bath somewhere in the valencian coast

gruesse aus Potsdam

Hello monday readers, i should work on the illustration around the world book, but im always trying new concepts and ideas. So, this is a new one, i will update some of my “never looking at again” analogue pictures and put some new friends on it. Here one of my trip to Potsdam in 2002…..”Say […]

real bear

i got this picture today morning from carolin Kohler, she took it when she was in Beijing in November last year, Thanks caro!