celebration at besakih temple

in the middle of Bali is a the biggest hindu temple called Besakih, i arrived there and after 30 min a lot of students came to pray, so i could make a drawing and this beautiful photos. Pablo bear was also there and here with my new friends

a break on the roads of bali

I have the radiohead song in my mind all the time “anyone can play guitar” here singing and taking a break on the road to Ubud

on the road of Bali

Since last friday every day around 6 pm it starts to rain in bali, so i buyed equipment!


I spent one week in chiangmai and around, i hope this drawing can show you how well i was feeling there.  

thanks ausa

ok, the story starts near Pai, ive rented a motorbike in Chiangmai, and i felt down on my way to a waterfall. I though this is the end, they will charge me a lot of money for repair. So on the next day i took the way back to chiangmai and before going to the […]

on the road to pai, thailand

Im already in pai and it tooks 4 hours to arrive from chiangmai, there are 7000 curves on the way, awesome!