how i create a comic

In this post i will show how i create a comic for the upcoming book about my travel to Asia. This comics are about my meetings with different artists around Asia and in this case describes the meeting i had with Dan Matutina  in Manila, Philippines. I will show in 5 steps how i develop […]

painting session

here is Valerie Chua painting with watercolors on my book, soon the meeting! check her work here

pablo bear on the moon

on my last day in Manila, one of the guys from the office next to plus63 paint himself a tatoo of Pablo on the moon! Great fan art! thank you, my days in Katipunan road were really fun.

hello plus 63

im sitting with dan Matutina in his office in Manila to spend my last three days here, check his work here

sleeping in a cafe

i discover yesterday i can sleep by sitting at a cafe

welcome to manila