mural for yorokobu in Madrid

i was asked by yorokobu Magazine to paint a mural for their stand at Mulafest in Madrid …. and i did it! hope you like it Day 1: black lines and a lot to finish!  

Dibujando con Paco Alcázar

Aprovechando mi corta estadía en Madrid la semana pasada (3 – 7 de Mayo) contacté con Paco Alcázar uno de mis dibujantes favoritos de España, a lo mejor lo conoces por su tira semanal Silvio José en “El Jueves”, y con toda la onda del mundo quedamos a la salida de metro de Callao y […]

Madrid y Barcelona

This will be a long post but i hope you like it! it is about last week, i spent some days between Madrid & Barcelona. Madrid Madrid is like my second home so i met some friends there and decided to make more drawings around the city. I discovered a terrase/bar at Corte ingles near […]

Project for IBM

actually i don´t use to post things about my jobs on illustration but this hob was really special! I was contacted by Ogilvy Madrid, specially the beautiful team of David Botella, Angela Medina & Lissete Mireles. Their idea was to create a series of videos explaining IBM software for enterprises and they would be live […]

exhibition Madrid

I had a great weekend in Madrid, once again! Madrid is becoming step by step to my second nationality after the argentinian. I was showing some of the new drawings from different cities of Asia and some paintings over photos. Ive also explained what is the project about on saturday and many people came. Last […]

next stop is…

no olviden, esta semana estaré en Nómada Market, Madrid haciendo una expo con dibujos de Asia y una presentación el sábado a las 19.30! info: EXPO: 5,6 y 7 de octubre, 12h a 20h SCREENING: Sábado 6, 19.30h traer cuadernos así os lleváis un Pablobear a casa!

iaw en Nómada market Madrid

Es un placer anunciarles que el próximo 5,6 y 7 de octubre el proyecto illustration around the world hará una enorme presentación en la próxima edición de Nómada market  – siente el movimiento, que se celebra en el ático de la estación de chamartín en Madrid. Cuando me mandaron la invitación para participar debo admitir que […]

madrid drawing

yesterday we finished the shooting and recording work for a campagne coming soon online. It was hard work and in between i made some drawings of my old home Madrid. Here is a new one, at Plaza San ildefonso

drawing malasaña

i´m staying some weeks in Madrid doing a project here and on my free time (it´s not much) im trying to draw my old neighborhood in Malasaña. Can you recognize where exactly is this park?

screening Madrid – photos

Hey everyone, first of all thanks for all the people who came and for those who couldn´t come and for those who will come to the next presentations of “illustration around the world”. Here some pictures of the event in Madrid last tuesday…THANKS FOR COMING and thanks to Pablo Albacete for the pictures!