Kuala Lumpur

one year illustration around the world

Dear reader: september 15th one year ago i started the most incredible experience in my professional life. I took the decision, with my best friends help, to start this project called illustration around the world. Today  one year ago, i was in Kuala Lumpur arriving from Paris with the illusion, fear and spectation of that what […]

drawing at Suria klcc

this is the drawing from the backpart of Klcc building in Kuala Lumpur

meeting people in KL

i was visiting the last days the studios of Bigbros workshop (Si juan) and Michael Chua / illustrator and also the studio of Jay lim & Vivian Toh / Tsubaki Studio. So much fun and so nice people, i will post soon the interview and drawings! some photos to show you how cool they are! Big […]

the traveller by ABSoluteLEE ME

hello my friends, today i will introduce you to an illustrator i met in Kuala Lumpur, i ask her to send me a version of Pablo the traveller, so here we go! thank you Abs Lee, Interview

The traveller by Skinner

Skinner, A nice guy i met in Kuala Lumpur, sent me his version of “Pablo, the traveller”, Thank you, my friend, his website: http://www.cheapandjuicy.com

kuala lumpur travel facts

some experiences of my Stay in kuala lumpur, i will miss you!

kuala lumpur by me

Kuala Lumpur 01 artists&nice people

*sorry about my english, i know, i have to learn a lot, but for me is the best way to communicate globally, also for the people i will meet around to read what i do and where i am. If you have some suggestions to do it better, please let me know! hello again! im […]

meeting Kenji Chai from Black fryday

I contacted Kenchi before arriving to Kuala Lumpur, he was very happy to participate, so we met at Publika and he made his collaboration for the project. The first version of Pablo the traveller. Here some pictures of our meeting.

caro’s food tip of the day

this section is about food tips at the different places i will visit, Caro will guide you!