onsen master in kurokawa onsen

I am the Onsen Master! Kurokawa Onsen is a beautiful place!

the traveller by Tomoto

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Mount Aso

here a quick explanation how to get to Mt. Aso to see the active vulcano!

hiroshima in one day

here a resumee of my day in hiroshima! so much fun!


at Miyashima with my travel partners for the day Itoko & Manami! they show me the best places in Hiroshima! thank you girls, you are great guides!

one day in naoshima

naoshima bath i love yu

it was a really nice day today at Naoshima, a small island near Okayama. After visiting Benesse House and chichu Museum, it was to take a break at the I love u Sento.

japan photos 01

today is photo’s day! here some of my japan travel till now! hello from hiroshima Naoshima

meeting Akinori Oishi

here we are again! i had on last satudarday a great meeting. I was staying in Kyoto and i took a train to meet Akinori Oishi in Osaka. That was fun! we made a funny drawing session together and later he made a version of Pablo, the traveller, here are the pictures, Thanks Aki for […]

alberto explains how to get to Koyasan