first day in Jakarta

my first day in Jakarta and Indonesia was not the easiest day, but at the end it was a lot of FUN! man, i love this country! thanks to Indri and Chrisheila for showing me around. click on the picture to enlarge

jakarta vision

“this is my vision of Jakarta! i forgot to draw the “R”, so now is JAKATA, haha

nice weekend in jakarta

ok, ive found 5 minutes to write this short post! in the last three intense days in Jakarta many nice things happened! nice meetings, going out and had fun, this photos are from saturday, so its just only day! more is coming! i love indonesia! illustrators meeting at that´s life coffee pool party

Pablo bear is in Jakarta

such a welcoming city! first day here and making 1000 new friends, thanks to Indri (on the left) for showing me around the city