hong kong is a cool guy

i think Hong kong is a cool guy!

grand palace in Bangkok

Visiting the grand palace in bangkok so shiny and golden,

starting my 3th travelbook

hello my friends and followers! im starting my 3th travelbook on this project illustration around the world, i want to use this moment to say thank you to Hahnemühle in Germany for supporting me with these books, they are really good quality, you can also use watercolor on it.

3 months travelling and 10 more are coming

three months around malaysia, japan, s.korea, china and taiwan! and now philippines! and next thailand, hong kong, malaysia, singapore, indonesia! 10 months left to travel!!

pablo whishes you…

hello everyone! my best wishes from Tacloban, philippines! have a lot of champagne tonight!

boracay first drawing

my first sketch in boracay, philippines

the bund old buildings

the buildings view from the new side of the huangpu river in Shanghai

Korean faces at the subway

Gyeongbok Palace

such a beautiful place! i will post some phots soon!

welcome to Seoul

Blue Sky and Kimchi dream!