Hong Kong

The book around the world

I´m still getting a lot of pictures of the book from around the world,,, thanks you and keep sending me pictures Tokyo, Japan Amsterdam, Holland Buenos Aires, Argentina Taiwan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Bangkok, Thailand Hong Kong

meeting Yoko in Hong Kong

Here we go, im so late with the meetings!! they are so many, i didnt had time to make them all, when i will start with this one in Hong Kong. Yoko and her work, i knew it from facebook and i really like her style, so i asked her to meet and she said […]

pablo bear by yoko

ohh such a surprise! yoko made a drawing about our meeting and post on her facebook wall! so beautiful! thank you so much,

Leaving a trace in hong kong

I had the chance to left a drawing on the wall of my favourite bar in hong kong, “Sense 99”, thanks to chuen for showing me the place!

painting shoes and leaving hong kong

it was 10 days in Hong kong, actually too long for a normal traveller, but i really loved here, so i stayed longer and could stay much longer! Thanks to all the wonderful people i met here, including Graphic airlines, Yoko and Kenny Wong and all the others tooo, i have to come back very […]

bruce lee

Remembering all my favourites kungfu movies from my childhood in hong kong ! Bruce lee the best!

a bear in Macao

i saw a bear in Macao, he enjoy a siesta there too

a bear in Hong Kong

drawing on the street

i was fascinated by the buildings in Hong Kong so i took a break and draw some of them sitting on the street.

painting in Hong kong

here we go! i met Tat from graphic airlines in Taiwan, when i was at the Low Pose conference. So i met him and Vi here in Hong Kong and i asked him if he knows where i could leave a trace in HK, so we said the streets. Here is the result, soon comes […]