gruesse aus Potsdam

Hello monday readers, i should work on the illustration around the world book, but im always trying new concepts and ideas. So, this is a new one, i will update some of my “never looking at again” analogue pictures and put some new friends on it. Here one of my trip to Potsdam in 2002…..”Say […]

painting in wiesbaden

Last Easter i was visiting my friends Max & Sandra in Wiesbaden and they got a wall for their daugther Mia, here some pictures! Happy parents and happy kid. let´s start! first some pencil sketch and lining with the pens. then adding details and shadows,

spring in Berlin

I am from South america, to be exactly from Argentina. For me to wear a tshirt must be really hot, but in Germany is different! and these days we have really nice weather in Berlin, and all the guys/girls go out in t-shirt and eat icecream, good feeling, for me still cold!