Pablo Bear goes to Asia / The book

The moment arrived! after 2 years wroking on it the book is printed!. Actually I printed it last december but I was delivering first the copies to the people taht participated in the Crowdfunding campaign. The campaign was amazing! I had pre/orders from 33 different countries from around the world and I was shipping 300 […]

Painting at ZooLoco in Barcelona

Hello everybody! it´s been long time since my last post, I´m sorry for that! But I´m back in town and posting again for 2015. The first post of 2015 is about an amazing project I was part of in Barcelona. One of my artist friend from Berlin Matt Jones (aka Lunartik) asked me to organize with […]


Yihaaa!! WE DID IT! We reached the goal over 117% and we got 174 contributions from 33 countries around the world! Now it’s my duty to make the best book I can create and ship to you as soon as possible! My plan is to have it till the end of this October, I will keep […]

Share your GoPabloBear selfie

Send us your #GoPabloBear support selfie and I will reshare it on social media! thank you! Pablo @pabloientile there! go go go! #gopablobear pic.twitter.com/mKuf7Oydt0 — Michel Martins (@MichelMartinsNL) June 18, 2014 @pabloientile #GoPabloBear yihaaaa!! 😀 pic.twitter.com/uFdvi5Pcb3 — Anne Popof (@yo_missantropic) June 16, 2014

Pablo Bear goes to Asia

Hello my readers, First of all I want to thank you again for following my adventures around the world. Without you this blog would be not the same as it is and you are the motivation i have for keep traveling and drawing. This time I have a big announcement to make, I´m starting the […]

One week in Istanbul part 1

I love lists, yes, and mostly if they are about exciting destinations I want to visit one day. And one of this destinations on my list is Istanbul and i made the “check” last week. I was spending 7 days in this vibrant city. One of the most amazing things about Istanbul first you are […]

Drawing for Hahnemuehle

Last weekend was a busy one. I was drawing at Hahnemühle booth in Franfurt during the Paperworld Fair for 3 days and it was a great invitation for me to be there showing my drawings in different types of papers and sketchbooks. Hahnemühle is a traditional paper manufacture located in Dassel, Germany and produce a variation […]

Happy travels in 2014

hello readers! Pablo Bear and me(his creator) wish you HAPPY TRAVELS in 2014! I wish you can discover with us new amazing destinations and i will keep drawing every corner i will visit. My wishlist for new destinations is long, but if I have to put a 3 favs they will be Istambul, New York […]

VisitBerlin Roadshow 2013

The end of 2013 is approaching  and i want to share a project i did with Markenreise and VisitBerlin last October. They invite four artists from Berlin (Paul Petzel, Saphira Kunst, Paula Liz & me) to be part of a Roadshow around 4 german cities introducing Berlin as a location for events. Our job was […]

book writing

Last week i started to write the contents of the book and it´s kind of hard for me, because i never wrote more then 10 pages in my life. But i´m finding it very nice to do it after finishing all the drawings of the book. I can´t show much but here is a small […]