pictoplasma 2012 – festival

And for sure i was visiting the Pictoplasma conference too and met lot of fantastic artists! here some drawings i did of it: and was meeting this people and they drew on my book too:

meeting Dan Matutina in Manila, philippines

I know Dan Matutina’s work from society6 and asked him long time ago to make a virtual meeting with me and ive posted it on my blog here. After that we kept in contact and when i decided to starr illustration around the world, he said yes! so i was staying at his place for almost […]

the traveller by Tomoto

WeB: Blog: Interview

meeting Akinori Oishi

here we are again! i had on last satudarday a great meeting. I was staying in Kyoto and i took a train to meet Akinori Oishi in Osaka. That was fun! we made a funny drawing session together and later he made a version of Pablo, the traveller, here are the pictures, Thanks Aki for […]

The traveller by Skinner

Skinner, A nice guy i met in Kuala Lumpur, sent me his version of “Pablo, the traveller”, Thank you, my friend, his website:

meeting Kin shiotani

I went with Josephine to meet Kin at his house in Kichioji, a really nice area of Tokyo. We paint on his wall and had fun doing stuff together!, he painted also his typical characters on my book, and then an accident happens, cofffee smashes on m book! Luckily all my drawings are safe. Here […]

meeting Devil robots

i had the pleasure to meet Shin and Koto in Kuala Lumpur at the Designweek, they gave me a card with their adress in Tokyo, so ive mailed them and they say YES, come to our studio. They are toydesigner andcreators of Tofu and many more characters. I asked to make a version of Pablo, […]