volcan villarica

On my way to Santiago i made some stops in the south of Chile but was difficult to connect to internet so i will post some of my drawings in the next days. I spent 2 days in Pucón, one of the most touristic towns in Chile but now is a good time to visit […]

find a publisher

i´ve already finished the first chapter of the “one day i hope get published” illustration around the world book. I know is not easy to find a publisher, but now i know for sure it is not easy. This is how i feel today, and if you know one publisher who would like the idea, […]

The Bear in Prague

Yes Prague or better Praha, the beautiful capital of Czech Republic. It´s a city everyone wants to visit at least once, but when you were there you want to visit it again! A friend from the Philippines Dan Matutina also illustrator and part of the illustration around the world tour in Asia visit me in […]

the bear in Hamburg

It´s always nice to travel, even when its only for 200 km from your home. Last weekend i spent some days in hamburg and was fascinated how beautiful the city is. I was visiting some friends for a wedding and took the chance to make some drawings for my around the world project. Thanks to […]

Designing a font for the book

Hola amigos! les comento en este post que estoy diseñando una fuente para el libro futuro de illustration around the world. Me gustaba a idea de poder contar la historia del viaje por Asia con una letra propia pero sin tener que escribir todas las páginas y escanearlas. Todavía esta en desarrollo pero a mí […]

Map of IAW

As some of already know i am working on a book about my “illustration around the world” trip to Asia. I am doing the first chapter of the book about the days in Japan and adding some parts from the beginning like maps and intro. Here is a preview of the map, showing the places […]

Playlist june 2012

Here some of the songs im hearing while im designing the illustration around the world book! you need to have Spotify to listen to them, Yeah!

The book – preview

Happy monday everyone, today is big news! i will upload 2 preview pages of the book i´m working on. Yes, i´m feeling more comfortable with the results but i will love to hear your comments. These photos are from a selfmade print at home and I know is a raw version but the style should be […]

fighting against the empty book

Such a great idea! i will make a book…but then? how to put all the things together? photos, drawings, meetings, travels? i introduce you to the Monster, but i think i will “fill” him with a pencil.

diary of making a book

Hello friday readers! As some of you already know i am working on a book about my experiences in Asia. The book will be full of drawings, sketches, photos & stories about my trip. Some of you maybe already had the chance of making a book and know how difficult it is! it means collect […]