The book around the world

I´m still getting a lot of pictures of the book from around the world,,, thanks you and keep sending me pictures Tokyo, Japan Amsterdam, Holland Buenos Aires, Argentina Taiwan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Bangkok, Thailand Hong Kong

Pablo Bear goes to Asia / The book

The moment arrived! after 2 years wroking on it the book is printed!. Actually I printed it last december but I was delivering first the copies to the people taht participated in the Crowdfunding campaign. The campaign was amazing! I had pre/orders from 33 different countries from around the world and I was shipping 300 […]

Streaming the first chapter

Hi readers, I was live streaming the first chapter of the book i´m trying to finance on indiegogo and the people could interact and ask me questions! It was a lot of fun. I will repeat next week so keep tuned for more news.

Pablo Bear goes to Asia

Hello my readers, First of all I want to thank you again for following my adventures around the world. Without you this blog would be not the same as it is and you are the motivation i have for keep traveling and drawing. This time I have a big announcement to make, I´m starting the […]

From a sketch on the road to the book

In the post from today i will show in three steps how i create the final drawing for the book i´m doing about my travel in Asia. Here is an example how the sketch first looks like from my sketchbook and how it looks after some retouching in photoshop. And why don´t drawing digitally directly? […]

playlist february

Hey guys! i was doing some experiments with watercolor this weekend and made this fan art for Spotify, the app i use to listen to music! And also a playlist with the music i´m listening right now

Taroko nationalpark

I have a plan, i discover right now it´s a good way to post all the places i visited in Asia while i work on them for the book, means, right now i´m working on the Taiwan chapter, so i can post drawings and photos from my visit there. When i was traveling it was […]

Perito Moreno

Hello readers, i´m back to the blog! i´m not travelling right now and been busy making the book about my trip to Asia. But in between i was visiting my beloved country Argentina! I visited for 4 days also one of the most spectacular sightseeing in the world, El Glaciar Perito Moreno. You can reach […]

travel diary

When i travel i like to make drawings and comments on my small sketchbook, here you can see some drawings from my trip to Japan in 2011. Maybe you can discover some funny stories inside!

korea chapter

i think i wasn´t posting much about the book i´m working on! I had this idea of posting more but i had so many activities promoting my project. But you waited and i´m back. I finished already the second country featured on the book in this case South Korea! i was spending 18 days there […]