meetings on the book

Hey everyone, as you already know i´m working on a book about my project in Asia and i want to share some examples of the different parts of it. Here is an example of a page with an “Artist meeting” in this case when i met El tono in Beijing, China. Hope you like the […]

real bear

i got this picture today morning from carolin Kohler, she took it when she was in Beijing in November last year, Thanks caro!

meeting eltono in Beijing

ok! this is not an asian artist but is one of my favourite street artist! so i heard he is living now in Beijing and contacted him. one of my best friends from Madrid, Victor is a good a friend of him, so i called him and we met near the Wudaokou station in beijing! […]

leaving trace in beijing

i painted myself at Baochao hutong street in Mr Shi’s dumplings restaurant. happy travelling Bear

bargain at chinese market

bargain at the chinese markets is so funny! at the end you have always the feeling you pay the right price but it was for sure too much! only because your eye shape!

dancing on the street of Beijing

walking back to the hotel we found a dancing group stepping like macarena dance all in choreography at the drum tower place, it was so funny that we joined them!