The book around the world

I´m still getting a lot of pictures of the book from around the world,,, thanks you and keep sending me pictures Tokyo, Japan Amsterdam, Holland Buenos Aires, Argentina Taiwan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Bangkok, Thailand Hong Kong

From a sketch on the road to the book

In the post from today i will show in three steps how i create the final drawing for the book i´m doing about my travel in Asia. Here is an example how the sketch first looks like from my sketchbook and how it looks after some retouching in photoshop. And why don´t drawing digitally directly? […]

Im going back to…

kongpat is drawing

Kongpat, a thai artist full of style is drawing on my book, soon the illustrated meeting, now check his website

grand palace in Bangkok

Visiting the grand palace in bangkok so shiny and golden,

starting my 3th travelbook

hello my friends and followers! im starting my 3th travelbook on this project illustration around the world, i want to use this moment to say thank you to Hahnemühle in Germany for supporting me with these books, they are really good quality, you can also use watercolor on it.

Wat Pho temple, Bangkok

there i was drawing this complicated pagodas! and then i met some students and took a photo of them with my book!