2012 was great!

because of YOU! thanks for follow this project and hope to meet you around the world in 2013, Best wishes, Pablo Bear

tanah lot a temple in Bali

Arrived on Bali i spend the first weekend in Kuta, party – shopping – foreigner town. And when the next week started i rented a scooter (40.000 rupiah/day) and start the trip around the island. I made a first stop in Canggu and had my first surfing experience there. I dint take lessons! a rent […]

special day in Bali

Bali is a special place, and in this kind of special places special things happen! It was monday and i was planless, so i took the motorbike and decide to go to Ubud, 2 hours away from Kuta (the place i was staying that day). I saw on the way to Ubud i could visit […]

celebration at besakih temple

in the middle of Bali is a the biggest hindu temple called Besakih, i arrived there and after 30 min a lot of students came to pray, so i could make a drawing and this beautiful photos. Pablo bear was also there and here with my new friends

a break on the roads of bali

I have the radiohead song in my mind all the time “anyone can play guitar” here singing and taking a break on the road to Ubud

surfing bear

This was my first surfing experience! I mean i could only lay on the board and watch the people doing cool stuff! I hope one day i can do like them!

on the road of Bali

Since last friday every day around 6 pm it starts to rain in bali, so i buyed equipment!

Almost 6 months

After almost six months of moving around asia its time to relax and think about going back home…but first….

i am from