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Hello readers, since i´m an artist and i really love to travel who really loves to draw, I´m asking myself which digital device could be good or perfect for taking with me while traveling and be effective if i need to finish a job on the road. Since last year we are seeing many new tablets with digitizer and stylus mostly licensed by Wacom. My idea is to find a device that give the possibilities to sketch while flying or taking a bus to the Himalaya. I really like to sketch on paper and it´s still my favorite device for the road, it´s not heavy, looks good and has a lifetime battery life (since you don´t loose it or bring it near fire). But i changed my mind since i start to use a Wacom Cintiq 22 HD at my office. I really love this device, it´s speed up a lot the way i work and it make my work far more accurate then the intuos or bamboo tablet. So i will put my thoughts in this post expecting your comments on which device should i get or if i should wait to get far more exciting devices soon.

Surface Pro

surface pro

The surface pro is a 10.1 inch tablet/notebook from Microsoft. It has great reviews around the web and so far i can read poor battery life. But it has a digitizer and stylus, and it works like the cintiq 21UX with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. The great thing about it, it has a full windows pro OS on it, means i can sell my macbook pro 15 inch and take it to my trips as the only device. And the best part i can still edit my comics and illustrations on photoshop and edit After effects files for clients too! The launch price for the 64GB model was 879 Eur and now you can find it for 665 Eur at some retailers on the web here in Germany. Maybe it´s not as accurate as a Cintiq 22 HD but i can still finish and coloring my files on the road. Here some great reviews to take reference of professionals using it Penny arcade and Jonathan Case

Cintiq Companion

cintiq companion

The guys at wacom did a great job this year and launch 2 new devices the Cintiq Companion and Companion Hybrid. The companion is a full windows 8 pro device, ir means like the Surface pro you can use all the pro applications on it! it sounds like a great deal, but for me the dowside is the size. It´s 13” and i didn´t get the chance to see it but can be to big to carry it while traveling far away and work. And the other dowside is the price at 1899 Eur here in germany at wacom´s  web store . It´s a bit to expensive if you think you will carry it with you all the time. But so far the specs and workflow is a hit! so if you think you can spend the money i´m sure you will get a super machine for work.

Samsung Note 10.1

Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition

Samsung is very experienced on bringing stylus technology on their devices so i was also thinking of buying on of these Note devices. But it´s based on Android OS and i love it, but i love it on my phone not on my laptop. The lack of professional software is still a problem for me. It doesn´t means you can´t get the job done,. It´s a great device for drawing and sketching on the road but it´s not a full computer, so if need to finish some after effects files i need to carry also my laptop with me. And happily there are other device that can fill both purposes. The good point for the Note is the price at around 300 Eur for the 2012 version and 499 Eur for the 2014 version.

The Big question

And now the big question, which one should i get? i think the Cintiq companion is still too expensive for this purpose and i already have a Cintiq at my office. The Note is the cheapest version of “great Sketching and Drawing device” for the road but the lack of software can be a problem for me. And the Surface Pro is my favorite but they release a new version the Surface Pro 2 right now but it´s almost 200 EUR difference between the first and the second version right now. What do you think? Should i wait or should i get the Surface Pro 64 GB right now?



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  1. I just got the Cintiq Hybrid and it’s super rad. It comes with a velvety traveling pouch to make it easy to take around with you and protects it. It was a lot of cash to throw down but it’s my first Cintiq ( upgrade from the Intuos4) & so far I feel it’s well worth it.

    • pablo says:

      Hi Miranda! thanks for you comment! i´m happy to know you love the Hybrid, i was also thinking of getting one, but with a cintiq at my office I rather get something smaller to take with me. I would love to know how long is the battery life on your Hybrid, thank you again. Pablo

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