January, 2013

Taroko nationalpark

I have a plan, i discover right now it´s a good way to post all the places i visited in Asia while i work on them for the book, means, right now i´m working on the Taiwan chapter, so i can post drawings and photos from my visit there. When i was traveling it was […]

sun moon lake

I want to post today a new drawing i´m working on for the “this year coming out” book about my days in Asia. The nice thing about working on a book/diary is that i can transport my mind to that time while im drawing for it. For example this drawing is about my one day […]

Perito Moreno

Hello readers, i´m back to the blog! i´m not travelling right now and been busy making the book about my trip to Asia. But in between i was visiting my beloved country Argentina! I visited for 4 days also one of the most spectacular sightseeing in the world, El Glaciar Perito Moreno. You can reach […]

travel diary

When i travel i like to make drawings and comments on my small sketchbook, here you can see some drawings from my trip to Japan in 2011. Maybe you can discover some funny stories inside!

meetings on the book

Hey everyone, as you already know i´m working on a book about my project in Asia and i want to share some examples of the different parts of it. Here is an example of a page with an “Artist meeting” in this case when i met El tono in Beijing, China. Hope you like the […]