December, 2012

2012 was great!

because of YOU! thanks for follow this project and hope to meet you around the world in 2013, Best wishes, Pablo Bear

korea chapter

i think i wasn´t posting much about the book i´m working on! I had this idea of posting more but i had so many activities promoting my project. But you waited and i´m back. I finished already the second country featured on the book in this case South Korea! i was spending 18 days there […]

Keep moving

This year the New year card is made by you! download this picture drawn by me and colour it yourself! use your pens, ipad, photoshop, whatever, send it to me via mail to pabloientile at and the best of them will be posted on this facebookpage…AND THE VERY BEST WILL BE THE FACEBOOK PROFILE […]

climate change

this is what i call “climate change” from 30 C to -5 C …. rrrrrrr!

iaw presentation in Buenos Aires

expo y presentación en Buenos Aires en Quimera del arte, muchas gracias a Gabriel de Quimera por tanta espontaneidad y buena onda y a todos los que vinieron a la presentación! Some of the pictures from the presentation of illustration around the world in Buenos Aires, Argentina, thanks for coming and thanks to Gabriel of […]


On a one day trip from Santiago we visited one of the most beautiful cities from south america, Valparaíso in Chile. It´s a city / port at the paicific Ocean and is built on the hills at the cordillera de la costa. On the of the most beautiful part is the colorful buildings and the […]

santiago de chile desde arriba

if you climb the San Cristobal hill at Santiago de Chile you can see the never ending city from above.

volcan villarica

On my way to Santiago i made some stops in the south of Chile but was difficult to connect to internet so i will post some of my drawings in the next days. I spent 2 days in Pucón, one of the most touristic towns in Chile but now is a good time to visit […]