October, 2012

find a publisher

i´ve already finished the first chapter of the “one day i hope get published” illustration around the world book. I know is not easy to find a publisher, but now i know for sure it is not easy. This is how i feel today, and if you know one publisher who would like the idea, […]

Project for IBM

actually i don´t use to post things about my jobs on illustration but this hob was really special! I was contacted by Ogilvy Madrid, specially the beautiful team of David Botella, Angela Medina & Lissete Mireles. Their idea was to create a series of videos explaining IBM software for enterprises and they would be live […]

The Bear in Prague

Yes Prague or better Praha, the beautiful capital of Czech Republic. It´s a city everyone wants to visit at least once, but when you were there you want to visit it again! A friend from the Philippines Dan Matutina also illustrator and part of the illustration around the world tour in Asia visit me in […]


i was yesterday walking ont the Bundestag roof in Berlin with my visitor Dan Matutina, a great illustrator from the philippines, and i took 5 minutes for doing a sketch of the dome. Pablo bear was also there! we are travelling together to Prag i will post some photos on monday.

exhibition Madrid

I had a great weekend in Madrid, once again! Madrid is becoming step by step to my second nationality after the argentinian. I was showing some of the new drawings from different cities of Asia and some paintings over photos. Ive also explained what is the project about on saturday and many people came. Last […]

next stop is…

no olviden, esta semana estaré en Nómada Market, Madrid haciendo una expo con dibujos de Asia y una presentación el sábado a las 19.30! info: EXPO: 5,6 y 7 de octubre, 12h a 20h SCREENING: Sábado 6, 19.30h traer cuadernos así os lleváis un Pablobear a casa!