April, 2012

painting in wiesbaden

Last Easter i was visiting my friends Max & Sandra in Wiesbaden and they got a wall for their daugther Mia, here some pictures! Happy parents and happy kid. let´s start! first some pencil sketch and lining with the pens. then adding details and shadows,

diary of making a book

Hello friday readers! As some of you already know i am working on a book about my experiences in Asia. The book will be full of drawings, sketches, photos & stories about my trip. Some of you maybe already had the chance of making a book and know how difficult it is! it means collect […]

pictoplasma 2012 – festival

And for sure i was visiting the Pictoplasma conference too and met lot of fantastic artists! here some drawings i did of it: and was meeting this people and they drew on my book too:

pictoplasma 2012 – screening

happy tuesday! last weekend was very special for me, it was the week of pictoplasma conference. Pictoplasma is a festival about character design in Berlin and i came back to europe at the right time to be there. As you know illustration around the world is also about character design so i was thinking of making […]

IAW presentation

hello my dears! as some of you already know, i was traveling in Asia 6 months from 15/9/11 to 17/3/12 drawing on my sketchbook and meeting asian artists. It was an amazing experience and i want to share it with you on a presentation (around 30 min.). If you are in berlin this week you can […]

real bear

i got this picture today morning from carolin Kohler, she took it when she was in Beijing in November last year, Thanks caro!

working on a book

Hola! im working on a book about my experience in Asia in the last 6 months, so i hope to upload a preview very soon here on the blog. But inside me im still traveling! i see a picture every day on my desktop and think, i wish i were there again! i will keep […]

video alex ferreira – dije lo que dije

Today i will show a video! i know its not about traveling but its about drawings, and showes also how i start to become an illustrator. Two years ago i got the chance to make a video for a wonderful song by Alex Ferreira “dije lo que dije”. He gave me the freedom to do […]