March, 2012

enjoying the sun in Tokyo

hello again, im trying different things in these days to put on the “illustration around the world” book. In this case, the bear is drawn on a picture i took in Tokyo

Photos Japan – Tokyo

Hello my friends, actually this blog/web is about traveling drawings but i always carry a camera with me. I will post photos from the different cities/countries i visited in the last 6 months. Today is Tokyo, the capital of Japan. I cant described how much was the happiness to be there for the first time […]

meeting devil robots in Tokyo

Hello monday! im starting to scan all the drawings and i made a new drawing this weekend, a special one. It shows how i met Devil robots. It was in Kuala Lumpur and from that moment we became good friends. After meeting them in Tokyo, we kept contact and they introduced me alo to other […]

spring in Berlin

I am from South america, to be exactly from Argentina. For me to wear a tshirt must be really hot, but in Germany is different! and these days we have really nice weather in Berlin, and all the guys/girls go out in t-shirt and eat icecream, good feeling, for me still cold!

tanah lot a temple in Bali

Arrived on Bali i spend the first weekend in Kuta, party – shopping – foreigner town. And when the next week started i rented a scooter (40.000 rupiah/day) and start the trip around the island. I made a first stop in Canggu and had my first surfing experience there. I dint take lessons! a rent […]

and the next country is…

Hello my readers, after 5 days back in europe im feeling much better! I was visiting so many countries in the last 6 moths, such a big experience! and now im trying to find myself again in Berlin and in Europe. Its not easy and i was feeling better today, but the bear inside me […]

special day in Bali

Bali is a special place, and in this kind of special places special things happen! It was monday and i was planless, so i took the motorbike and decide to go to Ubud, 2 hours away from Kuta (the place i was staying that day). I saw on the way to Ubud i could visit […]

The bear is in Berlin

hello everybody! im back to Berlin! here is cold but the sky is blue. I will post this weeks all the thanks and pictures and drawings, and everything about my experience in Asia, so keep tuned, big news are coming…

the bear say goodbye

Hey asia! Today im going back to europe, its weird because im from argentina, anyway, after 6 month traveling around you make feel like home, with your wonderful food, beautiful people and amazing landscapes. Now im going back home but i have the feeling i will come back to see u soon. Thanks to all […]

pranbanan temple

impressive! Pranbanan temple in Yogjakarta, sooo amazing, and it starts to rain again the bear was also there and they like the bear toooooooo!