January, 2012

a bear in Hong Kong

drawing on the street

i was fascinated by the buildings in Hong Kong so i took a break and draw some of them sitting on the street.

painting in Hong kong

here we go! i met Tat from graphic airlines in Taiwan, when i was at the Low Pose conference. So i met him and Vi here in Hong Kong and i asked him if he knows where i could leave a trace in HK, so we said the streets. Here is the result, soon comes […]

welcome to hong kong

Trying to find the right way to say Hong kong!

tai o water village in hong kong

If you are in hongkong you can visit in a day trip Tai o, a nice village 30 min away from hongkong city, very nice placr

drinking a tea in Hong kong

hong kong is a cool guy

i think Hong kong is a cool guy!


I spent one week in chiangmai and around, i hope this drawing can show you how well i was feeling there.  

Im going back to…

last day in chiangmai

here pablo bear in a temple praying for chinese new year! wish you all the best