December, 2011

happy new year from White beach

im sitting in bar on the white Beach, Puerto Galera with Pak Muñoz and David Esteban and drawing it for giving a present for this new year. I wish all my followers and the nice people i met around my illustration around the world trip a beautiful 31 night and the best travelling year for […]

Pablo in philippines

hey, im in white beach near puerto galera, enjoying the beach with my tofu t-shirt made by devilrobots!

flying like Batman

ive lost my phone, and i was busy trying to find it again, thats why i wasnt able to draw and write anything the last days, now im back! i will buy a new one when im in Hong Kong. Anyway, on my stay in Tacloban with Dan Matutina´s family we move to southern part […]

no 10 months

the post from yesterday was for the day of the innocents! so, i will travel only till the end of february! maybe because im bad, bad things happen too, i loose my phone yesterday in a taxi in manila and i feel so stupid, no consolation, only stupidity. travel can sometimes be very frustrating. cheers, […]

3 months travelling and 10 more are coming

three months around malaysia, japan, s.korea, china and taiwan! and now philippines! and next thailand, hong kong, malaysia, singapore, indonesia! 10 months left to travel!!

sad but true

how can be possible! is so disgusting, i saw this situation on the airport and i wanted to say something but i couldnt! please help people with education!

pablo whishes you…

hello everyone! my best wishes from Tacloban, philippines! have a lot of champagne tonight!

mural at across the ocean hostel in taipei

the nice girls of across the ocean hostel asked me to make a drawing on their hostel wall, and i did it! here it is! thanks sonia, nork and all the other for asking me! it was fun

5 crazy days in Boracay

too much! too much party in Boracay! the best, no alcohol, so i could be outside much longer and enjoy the beach the next day! this is the secret!

boracay first drawing

my first sketch in boracay, philippines