October, 2011

meeting Hyeon in Seoul

On the day i met Kisoo he introduces me to Choi Geumsoo, he is running one of the most famous art portal in Korea called Neolook.com, and to Bang Myungjoo, she is photographer/artist. We talked about my project and she took me to her cooking class to meet another illustrator called Hyun-kyun Sun. She is […]

udo island

pablo at udo island white sand beach

the traveller by ABSoluteLEE ME

hello my friends, today i will introduce you to an illustrator i met in Kuala Lumpur, i ask her to send me a version of Pablo the traveller, so here we go! thank you Abs Lee, Interview

korean food is spicy

but delicious! mmmm, i love it

Korean faces at the subway

Meeting Kwon Kisoo

here we go! i had last week (20.10.11) my first meeting with a korean artist! and he is very famous, his name is Kwon Kisoo and ive found his work by searching on the web, and i contacted him and he invites me to his studio! so nice! we talked about his work and his […]

Gyeongbok Palace

such a beautiful place! i will post some phots soon!

welcome to Seoul

Blue Sky and Kimchi dream!

painting action with students in Tokyo

Natsu invites Ken and myself to talk with her about our work at the Nihon kougakuin college, and we did it! after that the student start to paint a version of the traveller! so much fun! thanks Natsu, i will never forget this day! more pictures here

meeting JM Ken Niimura

i had the pleasure to meet Ken in Madrid before i start this project, so we said, lets meet in Tokyo again! and we did it, more then once, but last saturday we were more concenctrated and he painted on my travelbook his version of Pablo, the traveller, based on my stories in Japan, i […]