September, 2011

the second week of the travel

after an active week in Tokyo, i ´ve started my second week of travelling, i think i have to sleep!

Kyoto first day

today i made the Japan Rail Pass exchance and started my travel around Japan, first stop Kyoto! i walked from the station to my hostel and i found this amazing temple “Higashi Honganshi”

meeting Kin shiotani

I went with Josephine to meet Kin at his house in Kichioji, a really nice area of Tokyo. We paint on his wall and had fun doing stuff together!, he painted also his typical characters on my book, and then an accident happens, cofffee smashes on m book! Luckily all my drawings are safe. Here […]

meeting Devil robots

i had the pleasure to meet Shin and Koto in Kuala Lumpur at the Designweek, they gave me a card with their adress in Tokyo, so ive mailed them and they say YES, come to our studio. They are toydesigner andcreators of Tofu and many more characters. I asked to make a version of Pablo, […]

sushi masters

japanese sushi perfection in a sushi bar at Roppongi, tokyo

meeting artists in Tokyo

I had a meeting with three really nice japanese artists, they show me their work and we talk about working and having fun at creating things! Thanks to Josephine for bring them to the meeting. they paint this on my blog! Here some examples of their work.

ken niimura on my sketchbook

we were chatting in a bar near shibuya and he sketchs us!

Tokyo first contacts

I’m arrived in Tokyo! and the typhoon arrived too! so i stand the day at the hostel, i hope i can go around the city tomorrow. In this post i will show the work of 3 people who want to contribute to the project! ive contact them and they were really happy to participate, some […]

kuala lumpur travel facts

some experiences of my Stay in kuala lumpur, i will miss you!

kuala lumpur by me