July, 2011

outside is raining…

outside is raining and i cant stop think about what i will happens in one month…

we are on yorokobu.es

Illustration around the world on Yorokobu.es a blog about brand and creatives ideas! thank you Mar for posting our project. http://www.yorokobu.es/el-diario-de-viaje-ilustrado-de-pablo-ientile/

backpack con ruedas

i am a lazy bear, maybe should i get for 5 months travel a bacpack with wheels, i will check them

backpack Monster

it is the first time i will travel so long time, i dont hqve any idea which Backpack i should get! i can take only 15kg on flight.

testing colours

idea for a poster

here a preview of the new poster for illustration around the world

my new friends

since sunday i have 2 new friends angina&fever. i hope they will leave me soon

good news

we have good news! ive got a lot of positive answers from the artists in asia!

contacting the artists

ive got the first tickets, and now… i have to contact the artists and illustrators, and how to do… NO IDEA!

first ticket booked!

first ticket booked! Paris > Kuala Lumpur 15th September 2011 at Airasia.com